Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Clothes and Some...

So here are some new pictures of my two beautiful daughters (actually, mostly Alicey- she's gotten most of the "new" clothes recently) I just finished sewing this nightgown for Alicey with some scrap fabric that was leftover from Olivia's Halloween costume. I think she likes it!
And here's Alicey in a new dress I just bought her from my friends' new business- Ladybug Girls (Alicey's nursery teacher made it!).

And here's a peak of Alicey's witch costume!

Olivia's gotten so much older!

And I just love how my girls are such good friends (most of the time)!


The Wards said...

Dear Alicey and Olivia,

I miss you. I like your pretty dress and your witch costume. I love you!



P.S.- There never was a cuter witch!!!!!

Fisher Family said...

The girls are so cute!