Saturday, March 07, 2009

So it's been over a month! I thought it's about time to update you all on what the Melo family has been up to recently...

Olivia has grown up a bunch (which tends to happen when you're under a year old and a month goes by). She is now starting to stand up on her own. I expect within a month or so she'll be taking those first steps!

Alicey is also beginning to recognize Olivia as a playmate- that's fun for both of them! They love to play in Alicey's bedroom with their toys together (though Alicey is still trying to learn what it means to share). Olivia also started giving kisses recently. She leans in with her mouth wide open and lays it on, slobber and all! My favorite is when she decides to give them to you unexpectedly! It is so precious!

Cesar's babies are also doing well. Bela, the newest member of the family, has grown a bunch and is definitely becoming a playmate for Nebo! Here's a video of the two being themselves!