Sunday, January 25, 2009

So Alicey has truly become a GIRL! This week I took her and Olivia to go see Summer on campus. When we were driving into the parking lot, all of a sudden Alicey gasps and says (in Portuguese), "Oh no! I forgot my purse! And my cell phone!" It was pretty cute. And then last night we were getting ready to go to a birthday party and Alicey come out of her bedroom with her arms full. She was struggling to hold onto her purse, big Dora cell phone, and sun glasses. She often walks around the house carrying as many bags as she can. Here's a picture to help you imagine.

And here's Olivia showing off her funny faces. She gets a big kick out of making people laugh. And she also doesn't really like cold baby food. (Sorry the beginning of the video is sideways)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Here's a cute video of Alicey and Olivia saying hi to their cousins Katya and Oliver.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Chatham girls at the Florence/Busby Christmas 2008 reunion.
Alicey with her beloved Telma (nursery leader) at our ward's Christmas party.
We took Alicey and Olivia to the mall to meet Santa Clause, and like most little kids, Alicey wouldn't look at or speak to him. But in the end she was still pleased because she got a sucker!
Olivia on Santa's lap at the mall.

Christmas Eve 2008 at the Melo family home!

Christmas was WONDERFUL this year! We were blessed with the company of my parents at our home for a week. The Busby's (my dad's cousins) organized a big family reunion which by the way turned out to be FANTASTIC! Well prepared and very nice time spent together. Christmas eve and morning everyone from my family came over (Mom, Dad, Mandy, Trevor, Lindsay, Summer, and us of course). We all opened up presents together, had a nice breakfast- my mom's yummy breakfast casserole- and then went over to Mandy's for the rest of the day.

Alicey was happy after one present and didn't know what to do with all that she ended up getting! And as usual, my mom outdid herself with all that she had prepared for everyone. She now makes 90% of her gifts! And close behind her in thoughtfulness and creativity was Leah, Hank's wife. She made fingerpuppets for Alicey, Olivia, and Calvin, and bound a self-illustrated book of a Marty Florence original story. Amazing art and talent! Leah also went far and beyond this year. And Lindsay, Trevor's wife, surprised me a few days before Christmas with a wreath for my front door she had made herself! She had heard me mention a month ago that I didn't have one and so decided she was remedy my problem! I have VERY thoughtful sisters-in-law!

I personally have enjoyed this past week (after Christmas) for the relaxation it has offered me! I have been able to sleep plenty, eat plenty, and do not much plenty!