Sunday, November 16, 2008

You've gotta love Alicey's fake smile! Whenever you tell her to smile this is what she does.

This week I decided to make sugar cookies with Alicey and decorate them. It was a lot of fun, though I don't think she enjoyed how long it took. She had to wait in between each step of the process. I wanted her to be able to help in ever step. As we were decorating them I kept asking her who they were for. Most of them she wanted to give to her friend, Clarissa. Some for Nebo, the dog. And of course others for Calvin and her aunts and uncles.
Finally Halloween!! (I'm a little behind) This is Olivia and her cousin, Calvin (Trevor and Lindsay's baby). This was their first year trick-or-treating! They even got some candy (though didn't get to taste it).Trick-or-treating in down town Provo on Halloween.

This is Alicey (a chicken AGAIN) and her best friend, Clarissa. They went trunk-or-treating at our ward's Halloween party the week before Halloween.

Alicey also got to help carve her first jack-o-lantern this year. She really enjoyed watching but didn't want to stick her hand in the gooey stuff!