Sunday, October 26, 2008

So yesterday, thanks to the help of Mandy, we were able to get some nice pictures of the family! Here's us, Cesar, Heather, Alicey, and Olivia on October 25, 2008.

And here's an update on us:

Right now I am working about 11 hours a week teaching classes at UVU (the former UVSC in Orem). I'm teaching two sections of business calculus and a section of intro to statistics. I really enjoy getting a chance to do something I like to do and earn a little extra money at the same time. In the future I'd really like to be able to teach one class a semester. I am finding myself REALLY business as of late trying to prepare exams, reviews, and quizzes and grading homework and everything else. But that's okay.

Cesar started teaching full time at Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) this year and is really enjoying it. Why? Well, very few hours, great benefits, he gets a laptop while he works there, and it's fun! His contract is a tenure track, meaning as long as he doesn't slack off, he's there for as long as he likes! Cesar is also continuing his summer work from home of translating patents of products being sent to Brazil and also revising translations of the same. He says he really likes this because it doesn't seem like work. He said it feels like he's just playing around on his computer while he watches TV... Cesar's ideal job! AND, Cesar is also finishing up a masters degree in Portuguese Literature at BYU and teaching a Portuguese class as well. So, in a nutshell, he's pretty busy!

Alicey is growing up fast! I'm sure all of you know what that's like if you've got kids at home or kids around. She it talking LOTS and LOTS now! It amazes me everything she knows how to say, and in Portuguese! And what amazes me even more is that she has also figured out how to say a lot of things in English as well! I only speak Portuguese to her, so that has come from friends, family, TV, church... She is also starting to use her potty, though she usually doesn't have enough patience to get anything done there. After five or ten seconds she gets up and asks for me to put her diaper back on. I guess that's where our problem is! Alicey's favorite thing to do is see people! She loves to be around lots of people! Her favorite place is church where she gets to see Telma (her nursery leader), Clarissa, and the babies! Her hero is Tio Radames (a guy from our ward who's been adding an addition to our house). And she loves to sing lots and lots of songs! Oh, and I must not forget that the first thing she asks for EVERYDAY is to watch "Doya" (that's how she says Dora, for Dora the Explorer). On Sundays it takes a lot of effort to take her mind off of it and distract her with other things. That's my fault for allowing her to become so dependent on Dora, and Tigger and Pooh, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Little Einsteins.

Olivia got her first tooth a week or so ago (I think I already mentioned that), and is learning to sit up. She loves to talk, or babble, roll around LOTS, and play with toys. She also LOOOVES to eat! She's eat anything, though I don't give her anything. But anything I've ever offered to her she'll accept, even the gross baby foods like peans and green beans! Olivia is also becoming a Mama's girl. She does quiet well in the evenings with Cesar while I'm teaching, and most of the time with Cesar's she's okay, but if I ever give her to someone else to hold, she usually starts crying with a few seconds! She's got the cutest smile and I love her to death!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Here's one more video of Olivia and Alicey. Olivia is working hard on learning to sit!

Alicey sings "The Wheels on the Bus!"

Yesterday we left Alicey at a friends house so we could go hiking with Nebo! Olivia came along in her Snuggly pack as we took Nebo on his first field trip! He definitely enjoyed himself and all of the exciting smells! We'd love to take him to a more scenic place, but we don't have a way of taking him in a car right now. So we just hike up the mountain from our house.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Here are some pictures we got taken of the girls yesterday!

... and a few more of Olivia!

Monday, October 13, 2008

What a great story teller Leah is! Alicey sat like this with her for maybe a half hour listening and reading with Leah. I think I learned a lot watching! Hank and Leah came over for dinner last night and Hank did ALL of my dishes! Thanks Hanks!!!

Thank you Mandy for this CUTE outfit! I love it! Can you believe Ive grown so big in the past few weeks??? I must have almost doubled in size! I~m wearing 6-9 month clothes and am only 5 months old!

Olivia as little Eeyore... I found these super cute jammies at DI.

Alicey just got these new "Princess Jamies". She wants to where them all the time! And Olivia is working hard on learning to sit up on her own!

Can you find which babies are real???

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Alicey got this princess dress up set from Mandy for her birthday!

Alicey LOVES her new bed! She's had it for about a month now! She still thinks she can't leave her room without calling us, though. We're crossing our fingers she doesn't find out anytime soon...

Let me do a little catching up for those who haven't talked to us for a while. This semester I am teaching 3 math classes at UVU, the former UVSC, and spending most of my time being a full time mom. My classes are in the evenings and Saturday mornings, so Cesar gets to watch the girls when I'm gone. Cesar is teaching full time now at SLCC (Salt Lake Community College), working 20-30 hours a week translating for a company called Multiling, and finishing up a Masters degree at BYU in Portuguese Literature. He should be done in April next year. Yes, he's a pretty busy man.

Alicey turned 2 this past August and Olivia was born in May. They are already very good friends and Alicey is over her jealous stage. Now she just wants Olivia to be old enough to play with her! Whenever Alicey has a new outfit or a new toy, she always runs over to Olivia and tells her to LOOK! LOOK! Alicey also likes to sing a lot right now. Her favorite song is "Sou um Filho de Deus" (I am a Child of God), and not far behind are "Popcorn Popping," "The Wheels on the Bus", "Wind the Bobbin", "5 Little Monkeys," and "The Wise Man and the Foolish Man." Olivia right now loves to babble and roll all over the floor! We lay her down on a blanket and within a minute or two she's complaining because she's rolled herself right up to the base of the sofa or pillow. I am really enjoying these little girls! I was a little nervous to go from one to two when Olivia was born, but I have to say it's only gotten better!

Here are some recent pictures of our family...

And here's Alicey and Olivia together this afternoon. Alicey has a new dress on she got from her Tia Rai last week, and Olivia is happy to have a big sister! This picture, by the way, was taken in our new bedroom that we just added on to our house (though you can't really see any of it in this photo).

Ok. So I'm going to TRY to be better about updating my blog. This is Olivia and Calvin with their auntie Mandy at our house during Sunday conference! We have a tradition in the Florence family here in Utah to meet together at our house for cinnamon rolls in the morning while we watch Music and the Spoken Word, and then to watch the two sessions together. And now we've got two new additions to our crew since last time... Olivia and Calvin! They got LOTS of attention and did really well being happy and sleeping throughout the day!