Monday, October 13, 2008

What a great story teller Leah is! Alicey sat like this with her for maybe a half hour listening and reading with Leah. I think I learned a lot watching! Hank and Leah came over for dinner last night and Hank did ALL of my dishes! Thanks Hanks!!!

Thank you Mandy for this CUTE outfit! I love it! Can you believe Ive grown so big in the past few weeks??? I must have almost doubled in size! I~m wearing 6-9 month clothes and am only 5 months old!

Olivia as little Eeyore... I found these super cute jammies at DI.

Alicey just got these new "Princess Jamies". She wants to where them all the time! And Olivia is working hard on learning to sit up on her own!

Can you find which babies are real???


Lindsay said...

I LOVED those pictures! I have no doubt Leah is a fantastic storyteller. :0) Olivia is looking bigger every time I see pictures or see her in person. I can't believe she is already in 6-9 month clothes!

The Wards said...

HEather!! You have beautiful children!!! They look so different. I can't wait for all of our babies to play this summer. I will never want to go back!

Heidi said...

How cute! That last one is just precious, I have a similar one of Emmi like it.

bampa Sam said...

"What big eyes and big smiles you have," said the Bampa to his little dolls just before he gobbled up their fat cheeks.

It's a fact - I have the cutest grandkids around - and I'm not even prejudiced.

cedar said...


Leah Florence said...

Oh Heather, those pictures of Alicey and me are so cute...and I am attributing Alicey to that! That is so sweet of you to post those. Your kids are so adorable, Oliva is such a smiler. Hank and I are still laughing about that night we came over and Alicey was juggling. I love your kids!!!