Thursday, May 19, 2011

memorable moments

I'm going to make this simple, otherwise I'll never get a new post finished...

Here's Olivia with a bowl of mac 'n' cheese dumped over her head.  She did it to herself, don't ask me how...

And here's my little helper making dinner- I think it's Katilyn trying out her new Bumbo seat

Here are Kaitlyn and Annabelle showing off their blessing dresses that Grandma got them... I'll tell you the story of how she found them someday.

this one's Kaitlyn

and here's Annabelle

here's all of us after their baby blessings

We are all doing very well, considering there are now 4 little girls under the age of 5, instead of 2.  The twins are growing well, eating well, sleeping well, and are very good babies.  Of course everything takes a lot longer since there is double the work, and they DO wake each other up when they cry, even though twins are supposed to get used to it, but over all we've adapted very well.  I LOVE my four little girls and their dad!