Sunday, October 05, 2008

Let me do a little catching up for those who haven't talked to us for a while. This semester I am teaching 3 math classes at UVU, the former UVSC, and spending most of my time being a full time mom. My classes are in the evenings and Saturday mornings, so Cesar gets to watch the girls when I'm gone. Cesar is teaching full time now at SLCC (Salt Lake Community College), working 20-30 hours a week translating for a company called Multiling, and finishing up a Masters degree at BYU in Portuguese Literature. He should be done in April next year. Yes, he's a pretty busy man.

Alicey turned 2 this past August and Olivia was born in May. They are already very good friends and Alicey is over her jealous stage. Now she just wants Olivia to be old enough to play with her! Whenever Alicey has a new outfit or a new toy, she always runs over to Olivia and tells her to LOOK! LOOK! Alicey also likes to sing a lot right now. Her favorite song is "Sou um Filho de Deus" (I am a Child of God), and not far behind are "Popcorn Popping," "The Wheels on the Bus", "Wind the Bobbin", "5 Little Monkeys," and "The Wise Man and the Foolish Man." Olivia right now loves to babble and roll all over the floor! We lay her down on a blanket and within a minute or two she's complaining because she's rolled herself right up to the base of the sofa or pillow. I am really enjoying these little girls! I was a little nervous to go from one to two when Olivia was born, but I have to say it's only gotten better!

Here are some recent pictures of our family...

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Gramma Marty said...

Hooray! I love your blog update Heather. I think Olivia DOES look chubbier and definitely older. Both of my granddaughters are very "linda"