Sunday, January 25, 2009

So Alicey has truly become a GIRL! This week I took her and Olivia to go see Summer on campus. When we were driving into the parking lot, all of a sudden Alicey gasps and says (in Portuguese), "Oh no! I forgot my purse! And my cell phone!" It was pretty cute. And then last night we were getting ready to go to a birthday party and Alicey come out of her bedroom with her arms full. She was struggling to hold onto her purse, big Dora cell phone, and sun glasses. She often walks around the house carrying as many bags as she can. Here's a picture to help you imagine.

And here's Olivia showing off her funny faces. She gets a big kick out of making people laugh. And she also doesn't really like cold baby food. (Sorry the beginning of the video is sideways)


cedar said...

That video is so great. I started laughing out loud at work--which is not good, but oh well. My favorite other thing, besides those faces, was hearing all the florence cousin voices (minus leah). makes me miss you guys something fierce

Juliana said...

Que bonitinha! Nossa, estou tão acostumada com o jeito de menino, que adoro saber sobre como é ter uma menininha.