Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Alicey's preschool graduation and the TWINS

NOTE: I've included a bunch of youtube videos of the twins in this post, but since it takes so long to upload when you imbed them in, I've just included links to these videos on youtube,  So if you're like me and when in a hurry just look at the pictures and skip the words on someone's blog, you might miss some cute footage of the babies!

Alicey's preschool graduation consisted of a program of music followed by a "diploma" ceremony, and finally cookies and punch.

Here's Alicey in the back row!

And here's my favorite part of her graduation... Alicey dances to the months of the year!

My four girls!  Oh how I love 'em!

Here's some cute close ups!  Rather than always identifying which is which- I'll let you try to figure it out! 

Oh, this next one I have to tell you which is which so those of you who haven't met them yet can get an idea of what each looks like- I can tell the difference now, but can you?  Annabelle's on the left and Kaitlyn on the right.

They're VERY similar, aren't they?  We don't know for sure if they're identical or not.

Here's the twins at 4 months "ao vivo" (if these videos are too long, just watch a little of each; also, my voice gets annoying sometimes. Sorry)  The videos were taking too long to upload, so just click HERE for Kaitlyn and HERE for Annabelle.

And now for some smiley babies!

Grandma was here visiting last week!  Alicey and Olivia had SOOOOO much fun!  They definitely LOVE they're Grandma Marty!  Too bad I didn't get a picture of them with Grandma.  But here's one with Grandma and the twins!

And now 5 month videos of the twins (ditto to what I said before if these videos get boring) Click here for Annabelle and here for Kaitlyn .

A couple weeks ago we went to a water party at a friend's house.  Here's Olivia enjoying the fun!


Leah Florence said...

I miss you too much! Your girls are all getting so big and I can't believe the twins are already 5 months old and we haven't met them yet!!We really need to do something about that!! You have a gorgeous family Heather. We think about you guys all the time.

Juliana said...

BTW, I have a lot of pics from Alicey's graduation. :)

eebs said...

Haha! Alicey really knows how to swing it!